Thursday, July 08, 2010

David Vitter Says Disgraced Aide Worked On Abortion Issues, But Not 'Women's Affairs'

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Sen. David Vitter has been having to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions about Brent Furer, the legislative aide who was arrested for attacking his girlfriend with a knife after he found other men's phone numbers on her Blackberry.

So yesterday, he denied heatedly to reporters that Furer had worked on women's issues:
Reporter: Senator, why was he assigned to women's issues, even after you knew about his arrest?

Vitter: He was not.

Reporter: He was not assigned.

Vitter: Correct. And that's just one of several issues that have been completely misreported.
Yet later in the day, at another campaign stop, he answered a similar question thus:
Vitter: That's absolutely incorrect. He handled issues including abortion issues, including several other issues, but not women's affairs.
Apparently, in the land of wingnuts, abortion issues are not a "women's affair." Women are just the accidental participants.

Makes you wonder what a "women's issue" is for Vitter. Mebbe helping make sure the diaper fits?

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