Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tea Partying 'Patriots' Ginning Themselves Up For A Shooting War -- And GOP Politicians Are On Board

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Nicholas Phillips at the Riverfront Times takes note of this YouTube video from a Tea Party/Patriot movement outfit calling itself Don't Tread On Me, which apparently is planning a movie documenting the "Patriot uprising" against President Obama and the eeeeeeevil Marxist/socialist/fascist Democrats.

Among the featured guests on the video are a couple of Missouri Republican House legislators: Rep. Cynthia Davis, who you may remember for her proclamation that "hunger can be a motivating force", which is why we shouldn't give kids school lunches; and Rep. Brian Nieves, who got some attention earlier this month for his goofy political demanding Obama and Muslims "leave us alone".

The theme of the video is that eventually, "patriots" are going to have to take up arms against the eeeeeevil Democrats. Nieves, for instance, intones:
Thirty years from now, somebody's going to ask you what you did during the patriot uprising.
Davis adds:
We're drawing the line in the sand and saying, 'This is our territory.'
But hey, those Tea Partiers are just normal, sane people who only want to advocate for fiscal restraint. Right? Right?

Digby has more.

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