Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ann Coulter wants Sean Hannity to cut Peter Johnson's mike

-- by Dave

This exchange among three right-wing Fauxheads -- Ann Coulter, who is adamantly opposed to the TSA's new airport bodyscans (hmmmmmm .... OK, not gonna go there), Peter Johnson, a longtime BushCo apologist who thinks they're just fine, and Sean Hannity, who just wants to be pals with all things RightWing -- really isn't particularly enlightening.

But it sure is entertaining. Especially because Johnson won't let Coulter get away with her vague platitudes -- Coulter, of course, thinks we can just do away with the scans and instead rely on good ol' American racial profiling, -- and so he insists on pointing out that Coulter has no solutions for dealing with the kinds of threats the bodyscans are intended to prevent. (I'm not so sure Johnson is right about the need for the scans, but that doesn't make Coulter anything other than the dead wrong she usually is.) So Coulter shrieks at him to shut up, when in fact he's just engaging in the standard Fox-style talk-show behavior, where interruption is the norm. Indeed, Coulter is a past master of this form.

Coulter has a history of not handling criticism well -- she always wants her critics silenced. I'm surprised she didn't ask Hannity to beat Johnson up.

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