Monday, November 15, 2010

George W. Bush's Image-Makeover Tour Features Interviews with All Major Fox Anchors ... Except One

-- by Dave

Somehow it's not exactly surprising that, for his Image Makeover Media Tour, George W. Bush decided to make Fox News the center of his activity last week. After all, if you can get a Hannity Job, an O'Reilly-pretending-to-be-tough-guy-while-lobbing-softballs interview, and a meek Greta Van Susteren appearance in all in one week, you've pretty much hit the trifecta of major Fox News hosts.

But there was one big-name Fox News anchor Bush didn't sit down with. Hmmmmmmm. Wonder why.

Could it have been this?/

This is why they called George Bush a fascist. Because progressives know what's at the end of the progressive road -- Nazis or Communists! Someone has to control your life. Someone will be at the controls.

Or maybe this?

Actually, when I heard this, I thought "wow, this guy, I mean he proves my point." He's right -- if, if you say, those people with George Bush, they thought he was okay and they didn't do anything about it. He's right if that's really what you thought about George W. Bush and you were wide awake, because then you'd be part of the progressive movement, and that makes my point on the railroad tracks.

Or maybe this?

BECK: What has [Obama] done that is different? I think he’s done exactly what George Bush was doing, except to the times of a thousand. I mean we’re talking about a progressive. And George Bush was a progressive. It’s the difference between a steam train and the space shuttle.

Especially when you wrap it all together and proclaim that "the progressive movement is the cancer destroying America."

Funny thing about this? Just three years ago, Beck was being invited to the Bush White House for personal one-on-one sessions with the then-president -- and Beck was boasting about it:

Ah well. Beck has bigger fish to fry these days. And so does George Bush.

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