Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glenn Beck Slags Huckabee And Breitbart Again -- But Hey, There's No Feud Here!

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As his Fox News show reaches the end of the road, Glenn Beck has been feuding with a couple of noteworthy figures on his own side of the political aisle -- with his Fox colleague Mike Huckabee, labeled by Beck a "progressive" Republican (which in Outer GlennBeckistan is the equivalent of being called a cancerous Nazi) and with Andrew Breitbart, who is still pissed that Beck "threw him under the bus" over the Shirley Sherrod fiasco.

On his Fox show yesterday, Beck tried to address these feuds by claiming that he really doesn't have any serious differences with these two -- they're all on the same side, after all. Then he proceeded to quarrel further with Breitbart by going on ad nauseum about how important God really is to America -- a sly way of holding Breitbart up as unworthy for the Religious Right folks out there in his audience, and also absurdly misleading: Their differences really aren't about religion. Beck has mostly parted ways with Breitbart over the fact that not only has Breitbart misled, distorted, and lied egregiously in his attacks on liberals, he made the egregious misjudgment of getting caught at it.

And he continued his attacks on Huckabee, even while claiming to be dismissing their differences. Indeed, he continued to insist that Huckabee is a "progressive" -- which for Beckheads means he is heading down the path to Nazism (indeed, he's in the same category as neo-Nazis) and is a cancer on the American body politic.

Beck has even tried to claim he didn't say these things. But then again, it isn't only conspiracy theories that can be easily disproven. So can outright lies.

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