Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck's Final Days At Fox: Kind Of A Pathetic Spectacle, Really

[Cross-posted at Crooks and Liars.]

After all the damage that Glenn Beck has inflicted on the national discourse in the past two-plus years at Fox News, no one will be missing him anytime soon. We especially won't miss the nutty chalkboard rants, which really became so tedious that I don't doubt they played a big role in his steep ratings decline.

But since this is his last week at Fox coming up, he's getting all nostalgic and trying to sum it all up for us, his loyal viewers. He seems to be trying to ball it all up at once, as he did Friday with a session that included one of his fake "town hall" audiences, which he then tried to gin up into an angry mob by telling them that their way of life was going to be destroyed by a conspiracy of secret radicals in the Obama administration.

Oh, and Obama is just another Octavian, according to Beck: conspiring to destroy democracy so that he could assume dictatorial powers.

It's kind of pathetic, actually, because at this point it's just so much hot air escaping into the ether: irrelevant and insignificant.

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