Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hannity Guest Obenshain Rants: Obama 'Promotes Islam,' 'Attacks' Christians

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In case you were wondering if the dog-whistles you've been hearing at Fox suggesting that President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to destroy America might get a little louder, Obama-hating author Kate Obenshain gave an answer last night on Sean Hannity's show, with Juan Williams providing the straight-man routine.

The occasion was a discussion of the embassy protest in Cairo:
HANNITY: He gave 1.5 billion taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood -- Islamists hit our embassy and took our flag down, and put an Al Qaeda flag up there! Where is he? Where is Mr. President leadership?

WILLIAMS: Excuse me, but I believe the Bush administration and the Obama administration have supported a freedom agenda in the Middle East -- pro-democracy, and people vote in a way we don't like.

HANNITY: This was never pro-democracy, Juan! This was always the Muslim Brotherhood was going to be in power!

WILLIAMS: It is pro-democracy! They elected the guy from the Muslim Brotherhood!

OBENSHAIN: This president has been steadfast in supporting -- promoting Islam. He does not defend religious -- he does not -- he is not standing -- he never promotes Christians or -- in fact, in fact, attacks them!

WILLIAMS: Oh, stop. Come on Kate. He is not promoting Islam.

OBENSHAIN: Absolutely he is, Juan. Again and again, he puts down Christians, he puts down the Israelis, he goes after them.

WILLIAMS: He is promoting America's national interests and trying to find peace.

OBENSHAIN: He is not promoting religious freedom for anybody except Islam.
Obviously, dog whistles are no longer in vogue at Fox. Now they're just being bigots in plain sight.

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