Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Kind Of Network Calls The President The 'Thug In Chief'?

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In the barrage of coverage of the Democratic National Convention last week, a moment came and went on Fox News during a DNC segment on the morning program Fox & Friends that revealed, once again, that this is not a news network. It is propaganda posing as news packaged as entertainment.

Aria at Newshounds happened to catch this segment, from the Sept. 3 broadcast, featuring wingnut author Mallory Factor, who's written a book "exposing" unions as the power behind the Obama throne (the unions, no doubt, wish this were so):

During the discussion, Gretchen Carlson brought up the North Carolina AFL-CIO’s “Hug-a-thug” booth, an attempt to poke fun at and dispell some of the harsh rhetoric toward unions.

But Factor was too interested in smearing to appreciate any other kind of humor. He explained to Carlson:
FACTOR: Well, uh, the Hug-a-Thug… well, they call themselves “thugs,” and, uh, I just want to know if our Thug in Chief is gonna be there. Obama, because he is the thug in Chief- he really represents these unions. Hug-a-Thug is, you go to a booth and get hugged by a union guy.
Best of all, Carlson and her fratboy cohort, Brian Kilmeade, just chuckled along.

Does anyone really believe the fantasy that this is a news network any longer? Because that would be the joke. Though no one is laughing.

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