Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Interview: On 'Ring of Fire' with Mike Papantonio, Talking About Cliven Bundy

Last week, Mike Papantonio interviewed me to discuss my post about how the Cliven Bundy standoff has not only drawn the Patriots out of the woodwork so that we can now see them in all their glory, but actually has emboldened them and empowered them by giving them -- at least in their own minds -- evidence of the rightness of their Bizarro Planet beliefs.

Notably, this interview took place before Bundy's ruminations about "the Negro" made the rounds -- but everything I said fit perfectly well into that context.

And I have some thoughts about the underlying motivations for the rush of the mainstream right to come to Bundy's defense. Yes, the Koch Brothers have a role there ...

Here's the entire episode. Thanks to Mike and his producer, Farron Cousins, for having me on.

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