Friday, January 17, 2003

Everything you needed to know about the 'new' GOP

From the Los Angeles Times:

Racially Charged GOP Feud Escalates

"I, for one, am getting bored with that kind of garbage," Ridgel wrote. "Let me offer this suggestion to Mr. Reeves: 'Get over it, bucko. You don't know squat about hardship.' "

Ridgel added: "I personally don't give a damn about your color ... so stop parading it around. We need human beings of all human colors in our party to pull their weight, so get in without the whining or get out."

Ridgel, a retired white rancher from rural Lake County, also endorsed an essay suggesting that there would have been an upside to a Confederate victory in the Civil War.

I dunno about the rest of you, but coming from Idaho ... well, that's the GOP I know and love.

Keep this story handy. The next time a Republican whines to you about how 90 percent of blacks vote Democratic -- as though there were no justification for it -- trot it out.

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