Friday, March 07, 2003

The Eric Rudolph faction

More on a disturbing trend we noted a couple of weeks back:

Man drives van into Houston Planned Parenthood
A Houston Planned Parenthood clinic sustained its first violent attack in nearly five years today, only days after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a ruling that had shut down aggressive anti-abortion demonstrations at clinics.

Frank Lafayette Bird Jr., 61, of the 2300 block of Callie Street, was arrested after driving a delivery van into the front entrance of the clinic on Fannin.

Bird, a well-known Houston abortion protester who served a one-year federal prison term for attacking a doctor outside another Houston clinic in December 1994, told a deputy constable the crash was deliberate, to "stop the killing."

Gotta love their logic: Use a lethal weapon to stop the killing.

I'll be keeping track if the anti-abortion terrorism starts increasing. These are early signs so far, and may be aberrational. Or, as I noted before, it could be a product of the winking and nudging on abortion from the GOP.

[Thanks to Atrios.]

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