Tuesday, April 01, 2003

They don't incite violence -- they just tell their listeners to beat people up

Following up on last night's post ...

Peace activists claim harassment
Wilbur said he had noticed peace activists holding a regular Monday vigil at the location. On his morning radio show -- at least Friday and yesterday -- the Duvall resident told his listeners to show up to give another side of the debate.

"Our intent wasn't to confront," he said. "It was to give the other side."

Oh yeah. Suuuure. They just happen to "give the other side" by screaming in people's faces and frightening them into silence.
But many of the peace activists -- who numbered about 20 yesterday -- said they were being intimidated. Yesterday and last week, the activists said, some people with "Support Our Troops" signs followed them down the street to confront them.

Wilbur denied the allegation. "How many of these people look violent? Do you think moms and babies in carriages look intimidating?" he said.

If they're screaming obscenities and calling people traitors, all while being backed up by male companions -- sure they do.

But then, Wilbur knew that. He just doesn't want to admit that he is indeed, as the peace-vigil organizer suggests, carrying out a vendetta.

Of course, this isn't only happening in Seattle. In Louisiana, there was this story:

Local protesters shout about the war
Along with plenty of American flags, several of the signs they carried demeaned the marchers: "Protesting this war while our troops are being killed is equal to treason," read one. "You should all be shot."

And of course, the talk-show host who inspired all this hatred is openly fomenting it:
Richard Condon, a morning show host for rock station KOOJ, said he wanted the hecklers to "put these goofballs in their place."

"This has been going on since World War I, and it's the reason they have the right to feel the way they do," Condon said, pointing at the peace protesters marching down Stanford toward LSU.

Despite that right, he concluded, "I think these son-of-a-buggers deserve a bullet in the head."

The charming thing about these cretins is that they will then heatedly deny that they are advocating violence.

Continuing along these lines, Atrios is running a "thug watch."

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