Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The forgotten terrorist

Hey, what happened to that anthrax guy anyway?

You know, the one who killed a handful of people and terrorized the nation for the better part of two months?

Yeah, that one. The one the FBI can't seem to nail down.

The case that was a clear case of attempting to piggyback off the terror wrought by the events of Sept. 11. The case no one in the media ever talks about.

At least Dan Thomasson is paying attention:
Another botched investigation?

What is of grave concern here is the vulnerability of Americans to this kind of continued anonymous assault by madmen who seem able to escape detection by the nation's most celebrated law enforcement agency.

Richard Jewell was the wrong guy and when the right one was identified it took forever to catch him.

The Unabomber ultimately was caught by his own brother whose efforts to inform the bureau of his suspicions were summarily dismissed until he hired a lawyer to "drop the dime," as informing is known in street parlance.

All of us would feel more secure if the bureau and the other agencies working on this case were more effective.

It is legitimate to ask how long it takes for the attorney general or the current director of the bureau to consider that an investigation of a particular individual may have run its course.

It is also legitimate to ask when the press will give this case the attention it deserves, if for no other reason than its deep and disturbing implications regarding the proliferation of biological weapons.

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