Thursday, August 28, 2003

New to the blogroll

Here's a great new blog:


It has four contributors: Lambert, Leah, Tresy and farmer, the four people who took over for Atrios this summer at the irreplacable Eschaton. I thought they did a great job -- though of course, there is no one quite like Atrios, and I was happy to see him back -- and am glad they've started their own blog. I've known Tresy, online at least, for some time; she's a fellow Seattleite and frequent Table Talker, where I've been known to lurk and post. And farmer, many of you recall, provided me with invaluable material that wound up forming a significant part of "Rush, Newspeak and Fascism."

They're already off to a great start, grilling Bush over his weasel-word stance on the 10 Commandments brouhaha; the deepening qWagmire in Iraq; and the apparent duping of U.S. intelligence agencies about Iraq.

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