Friday, November 07, 2003

Another view on the rural problem

Confirmation is always a nice thing.

Today, Paul Krugman weighs in with pretty much the same assessment of the Democratic candidates' shameful behavior on the Confederate flag issue, though of course from an economist's perspective:
Flags Versus Dollars

Krugman adroitly points out the ridiculousness of rural Americans supporting the Bush agenda, particularly from a fiscal point of view. And he agrees that the thrust of Dean's remark was exactly on the money:
Mr. Dean wasn't suggesting that his party adopt the G.O.P. strategy of coded racial signals, and by and large African-Americans — my wife included — understand that. What he meant by his flag remark was that Democrats must make the case to working Americans of all colors that the right's elitist agenda isn't in their interest. And he's right.

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