Friday, February 13, 2004

A limb off the ol' Bircher tree

Round up the chillun, Ma. The Yew-Nighted Nations is after 'em agin.

Fortunately, the Utah Legislature is on the case.

On Tuesday, House Republicans in Salt Lake City nearly succeeded in bringing to the floor a House resolution asking the U.S. Congress to "consider" withdrawing the country from the United Nations. As the Salt Lake Tribune reported:
After nearly an hour of debate, a mostly Republican committee voted 9-2 to move the resolution to the House floor, calling the U.N. a financial drain on the federal government and a threat to America's sovereignty.

"International treaties trump all our sovereign laws, simple things like free speech and freedom of the press," said Rep. Eric Hutchings, R-Kearns. "In 60 years, our children may live in a world where the [U.S.] Constitution has no authority. If you gradually surrender your voice, you may not have a voice in the future."

Asking the Utah Legislature to denounce the U.N. is like asking George Bush to cuddle up to corporate bigwigs. It's like dangling candy before a three-year-old. Like, duh!

Ah, the but the forces of goodness and light were vanquished by the evil Committee Monster on Thursday:
The committee was packed with supporters of the resolution and a smattering of United Nations supporters.

Vicki Peterson, a lobbyist on family issues to the United Nations, told lawmakers of her own experiences with a U.N. agenda that promotes homosexuality and prostitution, and how it wants to go so far as to eliminate Mother's Day.

On the other side, Kathryn Horvat reminded the committee of the United Nation's role in eradicating smallpox and polio.

Yeah, but promoting homosexuality and prostitution is evil, dontcha know? Lying about them isn't -- not if you do it in the name of protecting our children, anyway.

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