Monday, June 28, 2004

Liberals: The root of all evil

Yo, Tucker, come check out the lovely sentiments coming from another "mainstream" right-winger, Doug Giles, who, after selecting an especially fetid slice of Ann Coulter, offers the following:
It's hard for salt of the earth, hard working, hard playing pro-American types to wrap their minds around why their liberal neighbors hate the U.S. so much. But liberals do, and it's a staple of their worldview's diet. They reflexively root for that which will undo our great land.

As far as the liberals are concerned, the battle is joined ... the war is on. We must recognize the primal nature of the contest, the fundamental loathing the left has for virtually everything that conservatives cherish.

Concerned citizens of our amazing country need to be aware of the fear and loathing of the liberals and meet them head on at the polls, through the media and in the public square.

Please talk to us again about civility in about, oh, another decade or so, Doug. You too, Tucker.

[Via World O' Crap.]

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