Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Michelle and the Case of the Phantom Facts

Out making a fool of herself on national television this week, Michelle Malkin let loose with this one on Bill Maher's Real Time:
And let me just give you a specific example, because these civil liberties 'Chicken Littles' will scream when the FBI tries to gather intelligence in the places where they should. In Seattle, last week, Jim McDermott is now calling for a congressional investigation because the FBI went to mosques to voluntarily interview people, to ask if they had information that might reveal terrorist attacks. Everybody is screaming that it's tantamount to, guess what, the Japanese-American internment, simply because they're going to mosques. Where are they going to go to gather intelligence? The Knights of Columbus?"

Well, there have been some questions raised about the FBI's handling of its contacts with the Muslim community. You can read the story in the Seattle Times yourself:
About 20 Muslims met with U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Seattle, on Saturday and discussed the matter. In the last two weeks, nearly 30 Muslims in Seattle have been questioned by federal agents, a mosque spokesman said.

The men talked about being invited to the FBI office by agents who said they wanted to reach out to the Muslim community, Junejo said. When they arrived, however, Junejo said they instead were asked questions about membership in terrorist organizations and whether they had recently purchased an emergency vehicle.

Read through the story. Notice anything missing?

That's right. No one referenced the Japanese American internment, or even began to invoke it. To my knowledge, no one has yet. Certainly you can't say that "everyone" has.

Ah well. We've already discussed Ms. Malkin's problems with facts, haven't we?

Also worth noting: Eric Muller catches her in yet another fib regarding yet another supposed invocation of the spectre of internment -- one that, of course, never happened.

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