Saturday, September 11, 2004

Malkin in Puyallup

Incidentally, I attended Michelle Malkin's book signing last night at the Borders store in Puyallup, which is about an hour's drive from my home.

It was a very friendly crowd for her, the signing having been sponsored and promoted by the right-wing radio station KVI-AM, and all the questions were of the admiring variety (one asked her how it felt to be "avenged by Zell Miller").

I had a question for Malkin, but because I was late, I was toward the back of the crowd, so my briefly raised hand went unnoticed. So I hung around with my own copy of In Defense of Internment and went through the line.

When it was my turn, I warned Michelle she might not want to sign it, and told her my name. But she was gracious and gave it a nice "Best" and signature, and we chatted briefly.

Rather than just ask my question, I gave Malkin one of my cards and asked if I could interview her by phone. She agreed to do so, and gave me her e-mail address. We're planning to set something up after she returns from her book tour.

Before I left, I gave her a head start by telling her what my first question (which was the question I intended to ask her that night) would be:
How can you dismiss racism as a significant cause of the internment without addressing it in your book?

Here's hoping she provides some answers when we talk next week.

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