Friday, October 01, 2004

The death of America

We've already gotten, courtesy of the Republican Party, dire warnings about the evil Democratic conspiracy to destroy America through gay marriage and banning the Bible.

Now House Majority Leader Tom DeLay holds forth on the subject of gay marriage:
Insisting that "Peter and Paul cannot be mothers, and Mary and Jane cannot be fathers," DeLay argued in an emotional closing statement that such marriages would destroy the nation.

"This country will go down," DeLay warned, going so far as to say that without "ideal" unions of man and woman, "Gangs form, and gangs become the substitute for families. Everyone knows that."

Sure, Tom. We wouldn't want gangs of America-haters disrupting our way of life, would we?

In the meantime, I'll consider myself duly warned. Those vicious gangs of gays and lesbians who have been getting married in the Capitol Hill area must be really scary.

[Via Ayn Clouter at The American Street.]

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