Friday, October 22, 2004

A house made of straw

If you want a classical case of conservative buffoonery, check out this post that responds to my ongoing series on "The Rise of Pseudo Fascism" in the time-tested right-wing fashion: Erecting a straw man and then playing with it for about 20 paragraphs.

Thanks to Instahypocrite, who linked to it, it's been driving a lot of traffic my way today. Hey, I'm always up for more traffic.

But you know, I'd actually be delighted if an honest conservative wanted to tackle my thesis by actually engaging my arguments. But then, "honest conservative" is increasingly becoming an oxymoron.

In the process, of course, they only prove my point: The conservative movement is no longer capable of winning anything on the merits of its powers of reason. It's all built on an appeal to emotions, and especially anti-liberal derision.

[For a little added fun, check out Dean Esmay's comments in the thread below. The post he's referring to is this one. Decide for yourself whether or not Esmay has a reading-comprehension problem, or is just projecting a guilty conscience.]

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