Friday, November 12, 2004

Out, damned liberal

If you thought the gloating turned ugly in the immediate wake of the election, just wait. They've really only just gotten started.

Now, unsurprisingly, many liberals have felt they owed the rest of the world an apology for failing to stop Bush's re-election. This sentiment translated into the now well-known "Sorry Everybody" site that's shown up in everyone's e-mail inbox.

Even less surprisingly, this inspired from the Freeper contingent a crude and mean-spirited response site, featuring images and bridge-building thoughts like the one below:

Mind you, this pasty-faced doughboy looks more qualified to spank monkeys than to club baby liberals, but hey. You know how big, manly and brave everyone gets behind a keyboard.

More disturbing, really, are all the other photos at the site displaying ordnance in inordinate quantities. This is the face of the new majority? Yikes.

That face is showing the many deep folds of its soul-withering ugliness in other ways, too. Consider the fellow in San Diego who had the obviously unpatriotic bad taste to leave a pro-Kerry bumper sticker on his car after the election:
On Saturday, Gary Jimenez discovered two tires slashed on his Volvo station wagon with its four anti-Bush bumper stickers. Lest he miss the point, the vandals left a note on the windshield that said: "We voted . . . Now you can either move to another country (maybe France, Germany, Iran or Pakistan will take you) or stop your whiney belly aching. This country was founded by righteous God-fearing men of integrity like George W. Bush. Now, take off these bumper stickers. We don't want to see them again."

Jimenez's immediate reaction was to add two more pro-Kerry stickers, including: "Let's Kerry Bush out of the White House."

Then there was the fine fellow called the Elder at Fraters Libertas, who (in agreeing with Adam Yoshida's curb-stomping sentiments) offered the following exercise in bridge-building, inspired by our Vice President's pseudo-fascist example:
To the sneering punks who called Bush a smirking chimp, the conspiracy nutjobs who couldn't say four words without Halliburton dribbling out of their mouth, the goons who tried to shut down GOP campaign offices, the morons who think Bush is an idiot, the defeatists who encourage our enemies while demanding that we don't dare question their patriotism, the thugs who painted swastikas on Bush campaign signs, the sophists spouting "regime change begins at home", the historically challenged fools who compare Bush to Hitler, the "It's all about oil" idiots, the Fahrenheit 911 watching simpletons, the delusional paranoids who claim that fascism is now upon us, the self-important nobodies who fancy that their dissent is even worth crushing, and the disaffected expatriates who trash our president and country overseas to curry favor with their Euro buddies, I have a simple message using the straightforward words of Dick Cheney:

Go fuck yourselves.

That really was the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign slogan, wasn't it?

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