Friday, August 19, 2005

A brief break

I'm off to the wilds of northern Vancouver Island for a week conducting research for my next book, and I think it will be a given that the broadband availability will be limited. I'll be pretty busy, too, so please don't expect too much.

I'd really like to post more about Eric Muller's revelations about our friend "Bob" -- but really, his post speaks for itself, and anything I could say would be mere replication.

However, James Lileks' latest is just so wrong-headed, as well as simply dead wrong on the facts, that it positively cries out for a response. So I'm hoping to fire something off while I'm up there. I usually do my best to ignore Lileks, who is a cloying ninny of the most execrable sort, but this can't go unanswered.

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