Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Comments policy

I've had a pretty open comments policy for most of the existence of this blog. Generally, I stick to a handful of restrictions:

-- No libelous or threatening remarks.

-- No vicious, intimidating or misogynist attacks on other posters.

-- No off-topic posts.

Having had a recent infestation of naked racists in my comments, however, I've decided I will no longer let these boards become a sounding board for racists to trumpet their propaganda. I'm willing to allow reasonable discussion, but not overt racism, sexism, or homophobia intended merely to antagonize.

So consider this a new rule:

-- No blatant racism, misogyny, or religious, ethnic, or sexual bigotry.

Posters who do so will be deleted and banned.

Those racists who have posted here in recent days have been deleted and banned.

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