Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's fund-raising week

... here at Orcinus.

Click the PayPal button at the left to donate to the cause of independent journalism. Or read here for some thoughts on what it's all about.

UPDATE: So far, a very discouraging response ... which I suppose could be the blogosphere's version of a hint.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to everyone for the heartening response. And while I'm at it, here's my snail-mail address for those who can't use PayPal:

David Neiwert
P.O. Box 17872
Seattle, WA 98107

UPDATE 3: After a slow start, things are rolling along nicely. I'm still only at half what I raised last year, but then, I don't have an essay to sell in PDF form this year, either. However, I have decided to put up links to my two most recent series by way of having something up there.

A special thanks to Crooks and Liars, Matt Stoller at MyDD, Pacific Views, Wulfgar, Live From Silver City, and OlyBlog. I'll provide a final tally in a few days.

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