Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New depths in wankerdom

OK, while everyone's busy making fun of Jeff Goldstein and Ben Domenech, be sure also to check out the recent exploits of SuperFrenchie vs. a right-wing "comedian" -- or is that just "whiny ass titty baby"? -- named Alex Kaseberg:
Alright, that's when things got interesting. His response:

If you e-mail me again I will get a restraining order from the police that will go on your record.

We have a couple things cowards like you third world pussy country don’t have called freedom of speech and protection from harassment as a result.

Seriously, you are an ugly, ungroomed, smelly asshole fucking coward.

You email me again and see if I am kidding.

Ouch, I’m scared! My response:

I see!

Looks like I touched a nerve ... apparently, there are limits to your sense of humor. Happy to hear that.

And you're either a complete idiot or you have no idea what it means to publish your email address on a public web site!

Now the guy is seriously threatening. I don't know what sort of web site he went to, but he comes back with that:

This was from the FCC. See, you win a couple wars, you got some power. I cut and pasted this from their e-mail:

" at Boulogne-Billancourt 86.64.11 has just been notified by the United States to an agent at the Federal Communication Commission and will be sanctioned for International Internet freedom of Speech harassment, re: the FCC Internet Protection act of 1997. As a result, an investigation has begun and your Internet access will be suspended immediately until a judgment can be reached within three to six months. Any attempt at contacting Mr. Kaseberg again will result in further charges and a possible permanent suspension as well as possible a criminal charges."

My response:

Just checking if my Internet is still working ...

Pfew! It's still there

By the way, you know where Boulogne-Billancourt is, right?


Really, you have to read the whole thing to believe it. [Via Sadly, No!]

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