Saturday, September 09, 2006

The 'fascism' meme, v. 3.2

Continuing the expansion of the right's projection strategy in smearing their opposition as coddlers of fascism, we see the latest version from Sister Toldjah, who labels critics of The Path to 9/11 thus:

It's obviously a term she intends to propagate; it pops up again in the course of asking, "Am I living in some alternate reality here?"

Answer: Yes, obviously.

As NoMoreMisterNiceBlog points out, the political pressure being applied to ABC rather clearly mirrors that which was brought to bear on CBS for its made-for-TV movie on the Reagans:
Insidious pressure -- bet that didn't strike the good Sister as "Republofascist".

I'm no fan of censorship. But demanding that a network, as a steward of the public airwaves, live up to the responsibilities that lie therein, as well as its own basic standards of truthfulness, is not censorship. Raising our voices in protest, and applying what little political power we possess, is simply democracy in action.

Not that we can expect right-wingers -- especially those with an animus towards democracy -- to discern this. Indeed, we can expect even more deliberate confusion like this.

Wonder how long before we hear the term uttered by Rush Limbaugh?

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