Saturday, November 11, 2006

Barrel. Bottom. Scraped.

How low will the Reptilian Right sink in exploiting people's personal tragedies to promote their personal political agendas?

This low:
Adrienne Shelly put up a battle.

If only spineless politicians in both parties who have created a ripe atmosphere for such crimes would do the same.

Instead, we have Republicans--you know, the party of law and order--preparing to cut and run at the border and hand over a mass illegal alien amnesty to the Dems.

... The horrifying murder of Adrienne Shelly is just the latest addition to the human toll of open borders that no one in Washington wants to tally.

Memo to Michelle: Adrienne Shelly wasn't fighting for your pet cause. She was fighting for her life. I have no idea how she would feel about you exploiting her this way, but I have a hunch you would get an earful.

Visit only if you need to. I had to go shower afterward.

[Ya know, whenever nativists like Malkin bash whole classes of immigrants based on crimes committed by a handful of them, I like to ask them: What about white Kenworth workers? You know, like Gary Ridgway? Shouldn't we be worried about them too?]

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