Monday, January 22, 2007

Playing nice

Natasha notes that Frank Luntz wants Democrats to play nice, now that they're in charge:
I am not in the habit of offering partisan linguistic advice to Democrats. But in the genuine spirit of bipartisanship - seriously - I thought this is the perfect time to convey a simple point to the still-euphoric faces of Democrat activists ...

Don't twist the knife.

... Democracy is at its best when its practioners use language to unite and explain rather than divide and attack.

No doubt, that's why we've been treated to six years of "Democrats are traitors who want to help Al Qaeda blow us all up" speeches from conservative ideologues.

Natasha has more examples from Luntz himself.

I'd just like everyone to remember what the Republican model of bipartisanship really is about:

[Click for active version.]

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