Friday, January 19, 2007

Ugly indeed

Speaking of Gerard Vanderleun, ya gotta hand it to TBogg for his precise takedown:
It wasn't just that his comment was stupid and misogynistic; it was ugly, about as ugly as it gets. And that is because Gerard Vanderleun is an ugly man with an ugly soul and to this day he doesn't even deserve the benefit of the doubt because he didn't know what was going on.

Let him live with it and be remembered for it.

FWIW, Vanderleun put that ineffable ugliness on full display again when responding to James Wolcott for his original takedown. Note that Vanderleun declines to employ anything so useless as a fact in attacking Wolcott; he just smears him with innuendo and juvenile scatalogia. A real piece of work.

We also remember Vanderleun as the guy who declared Eminem the "cultural standard bearer" of liberals and then warned, based on an Eminem lyric, that:
Bush Hate, at the rate of festering intensity currently observable, is headed towards only one singular event: An attempt on the life of George W. Bush by an American citizen.

... We expect our enemies to hate the President and to seek to do him harm. We do not expect members of the loyal opposition to allow their rhetoric and their "cultural standard bearers" such as Eminem ("I set precedents and the standards ...") to poison the political system to the level that some of their misguided ilk take it upon themselves to take a shot at Bush "for the sake of the greater good."

Gerard's hand-wringing prophecy, of course, has run the other way: Now, in fact, we have to worry about liberals being targeted by right-wing haters.

Haters whose viciousness, of course, is being stirred up by the hateful ugliness of cretins like Gerard Vanderleun.

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