Friday, February 02, 2007

Limbaugh and the 'cockroaches'

Rush Limbaugh's record of eliminationist hits will be impossible to top in any event, but he keeps trying to top them anyway. The latest, from his broadcast today:
Yeah, we can dam a river and do all this sort of thing, but to actually affect the systems that keep the earth here, in whatever form, even if there are nuclear detonations left and right, life somewhere, somehow, will survive, and the whole process will begin again. We may not, cockroaches will. That means some liberals will.

Rhetoric in which one compares a target group to vermin is, of course, eliminationist rhetoric incarnate. And it's not surprising we're hearing it all the time: guys like Limbaugh have made it seem almost ordinary.

After awhile, acting on it will become ordinary too.

[Hat tip to Jason.]

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