Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My favorite all-star

-- by Dave

So the fine folks at Democracy for America are holding a vote to determine which candidate out there will be selected for DFA's first endorsement of the election cycle. Among the three finalists -- all of whom seem to be superb choices -- is Darcy Burner, who nearly unseated Republican Rep. Dave Reichert in 2006 in Washington's 8th CD, a seat held for several eternities by the GOP.

It might be enough, of course, that Burner is taking aim at unseating Reichert, whose marked incompetence is already something of an embarrassment to the state's congressional delegation. Moreover, Reichert is not only a Bushoid who votes the White House line almost robotically, but he's managed to groom a local media image as a "moderate" Republican while in fact embracing extremist policies.

But Burner not only ran a fairly smart and effective campaign in 2006, thereby establishing her political chops, she also has a clear idea how to win and is willing to put in the hard work to do it. Most of all, she is a clear-eyed and committed progressive to her roots, and possesses the kind of vision that will serve Democrats well.

I already was impressed by Burner during and after the 2006 race, and have had the good fortune to work with her closely in recent months on a nonpolitical media project (details of which will be eventually forthcoming). My vague impressions of her were sharpened a great deal in that time: Burner not only is smart as a whip and extraordinarily capable, she's also a deeply decent person with a great drive to make a difference.

As I say, I know very little about Charlie Brown and Eric Massa. But what I can say is that Darcy Burner very much deserves every vote she can muster on this; she would be a superb choice and an excellent example of how the netroots can change our politics.

Also, be sure to follow the results at Blog For America. Darcy's currently in second place, and voting closes tomorrow morning.

[Darcy is also one of the leading candidates at the Eschaton Act Blue site, for those wishing to chip in monetarily as well.]

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