Sunday, July 01, 2007

Glenn Beck and the black helicopters

-- by Dave

Has anyone noticed that Glenn Beck's continuing rise among the ranks of the pundit class seems to be in inverse proportion both to his seeming sanity and perspicacity, as well as the actual ratings he manages to obtain?

We already have seen him go completely around the bend in promoting militia-style New World Order conspiracy theories. But then, we already knew from his post-election demand for "real" conservatism that he was located somewhere out there on the extreme right anyway.

Now we have him peddling NWO crap over the public airwaves, as Michael Hood reports at Blatherwatch:
The horror story batting around the red states and right-wing radio is that Bush has secretly negotiated the creation of the North American Union, a mega-state created by erasing the borders between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

This huge globalist conglomerate would terminate U.S. sovereignty; make us beholden to the socialists to the North, and the Third World mother-raping beggar/bandits to the South.

The Yankee dollar would be worthless, and we'll be forced to spend (if we could get any) the "Amero," modeled after the Euro and just as godless.

What's more, a 17-lane "Monster Highway," road to hell, is being built by the Master Planners from Mexico to Canada up through the middle of the U.S. (Actually, they're talking about a real highway in the planning stages: the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor, an I-5-like North/South highway stretching from Texas Gulf ports to Canada.

Feckless Beck told listeners, "Let's just face it: this is the plan, this is the real reason [Congress and Bush] want to cram this thing down our throats! What else could it be?"

Even a right-wing partisan like Michael Medved knows this is lunacy:
Medved writes: "...the entire horror story about “North American Union” is based upon the “Security and Prosperity Partnership,” an utterly innocuous, open, above-board, well-advertised and widely publicized initiative to promote inter-governmental cooperation to fight terrorism, the threat of Avian flu, improve and tighten border security, and promote mutual prosperity. The then Presidents of the three countries (Bush, Fox and Martin) met in 2005 to pledge to work together on such issues and to initiate open working groups to facilitate cooperation – BUT THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT OR TREATY OR COVENANT of any kind, secret or otherwise."

The real question is why producers and executives at places like CNN and at ABC's Good Morning America in giving a clear-cut extremist who promotes groundless and paranoid conspiracy theories a platform for expounding this kind of nonsense.

What's next, John Trochmann doing the weather forecast for the Today show?

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