Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pink Pistols: A Second Shot

-- by Sara

Billo, God love him, wanted to make it right. Really. So he went to GLAAD and got a GBLT spokesperson -- Rashad Robinson, a black gay man with a Muslim name, just so nobody would fail to get the point about the kind of un-American types who dare to oppose him -- to come on the show and discuss how the pink-pistol lesbian story got so far off the rails.

Watch the "correction" turn into a pathetic attempt at self-vindication. Billo admits he got "a little carried away with that," but also assures us that he's "not afraid of the lesbians when I go out tonight." (News flash, Bill: They're not afraid of you, either.) But, as the film rolls on, it becomes more and more clear that he just can't accept any facts that might make him wrong. Robinson did a great job, and kept on pitching until the final second. But Billo, in the end, couldn't help himself. He just had to holler over him, rather that allow his guest to confuse the issue with actual facts.

If this is what passes as a "correction" in Billoworld, then the last doubt is gone: the "no-spin zone" was never anything but a "reality-free zone."

h/t to Watching Those We Chose.

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