Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My new job

I thought I should let everyone know that I am the new assistant editor of Crosscut, a new Northwest regional online news source, which just began publication earlier this year. I'm very excited to be aboard; it's the kind of publication that right's up my alley, and I think you'll see us making some waves in the online world in the coming year.

If you visit now, you won't see much of my content; I'm only working part-time, and I'm largely handling news-editing duties currently. As I settle in, though, you'll start to see some of my writing there.

In fact, expect to see some dispatches from Chicago there this weekend, as I'll be attending YearlyKos, that great convocation of haters. Both Sara and I will be in attendance, and we'll be talking to folks and posting both here and at Crosscut.

Speaking of Sara and new gigs, I hope everyone's noticed by now that she's now a regular at The Group News Blog, which is trooping on in memory of the old News Blog's founder, Steve Gilliard.

I'm hoping you'll see a positive change at Orcinus in the coming year because of these changes. I'll certainly be more active, and covering a broader range of topics, because my information sources just expanded exponentially. On the other hand, I probably won't be able to post quite as much as I'd like because of time constraints. I'm hoping that, in general, what you'll see will be more engaging and insightful, at the very least.

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