Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feel the love

-- by Dave

Among the places where my recent post on Ron Paul's far-right followers has been discussed is the Vanguard News Network forum, a neo-Nazi outfit that makes Stormfront look like model citizens. (It's one of the remnants of William Pierce's old organization.) I won't link to it, but you can Google VNNforum and "ARA-scum goes berserk on Ron Paul" if you want to see it.

Among the correspondence there's this, from a fellow named Subrosa:
Everytime I read stuff like this I picture the writer wearing fishnets over his hairy legs. I mean, really! Does it get anymore feminine than this?

I long, I pray for the day when I can slam people like this up against the wall and give them a quick burst from my AK.

Ah, the standard neo-Nazi response: violence first, talk later. If at all.

I'm reminded of Mussolini, described by Robert Paxton in The Anatomy of Fascism: "A few months before he became prime minister of Italy, he replied truculently to a critic who demanded to know what his program was: 'The democrats of Il Mondo want to know our program? It is to break the bones of the democrats of Il Mondo.' "

FWIW, I always forward things like this to my friends in law enforcement.

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