Friday, November 23, 2007

Food for Thought

-- by Sara

Well, it's the day after -- turkey sandwiches settling against straining beltlines, slight tryptophan-induced torpor still clinging to our bones, Dave's probably hanging with his family somewhere. I'm writing Another Stupid Term Paper. Usually, they come easily, but this one's lying there like Grandpa in his La-Z-Boy with a six-pack and a remote on a Saturday afternoon.

But, as long as we're all digesting, here's some food for thought.

This is the Revis family of North Carolina, along with their typical food purchases for one week:

And this is the Aboubakar family, living in a refugee camp in Chad. This, too, is one week's worth of food:

The whole photoessay, showing over a dozen families from all over the world, is here. The pictures are, in my mind, a detailed examination of why we give thanks -- and also where our real obligations to humankind begin.

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