Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please explain

-- by Dave

Head-scratcher of the day:

Mike Huckabee, in an interview with Cap'n Ed, regarding the clemency he offered to Wayne Dumond:
"If I'd have known then that I was going to run for president, and I was more interested in my political future than taking my job seriously and being responsible and operating with integrity, I wouldn't have ever -- I would never have done a clemency."

It's pretty hard to comprehend how caving in to frothing Clinton-conspiracy mongers, and in the process releasing a violent rapist who raped and killed again, is anything other than one of the lamest definitions of "integrity" ever concocted.

Nevermind the bizarre logic. (Um, so, Mike: You're saying if you'd known then that you were going to run for president someday, you'd never have operated with integrity? Oh, forget it.) Still ... exactly what kind of defense is that?

Fact is, Huckabee's behavior in the whole Dumond episode was typically Republican: running with the howling pack because that's how you get ahead politically. But in the Bizarro Universe that is the GOP, I guess that's what they call integrity.

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