Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We send letters

-- by Dave

To Moe Lane, RE: Paging David Neiwert. Although I don't expect him to answer the call unless this turns out to be a hoax.:

Sir: If you want to page me, you might at least try linking to me, so I can see that you've paged me when the hits show up on my counter, or I can see it on Technorati. Or you can try e-mailing me, if you're serious about it. Something. Merely calling out my name doesn't work.

I'd have been glad to respond to you if this had not been a hoax. But since it is, what's the point?

Though usually most people have the decency to offer, you know, a mea culpa or an apology, especially when they've fucked up as grotesquely as you have here. But I guess being a right-winger means never having to say you're sorry.

David Neiwert

[Hat tip to Max Blumenthal.]

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