Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big (Doofus) Brother

-- by Dave

Jonah Goldberg:
It’s time to admit that “diversity” is code for racism.

Sure, we can do that.

And while we're at it, we can go with some corrolaries:
"War" is code for peace.

"Ignorance" is code for strength.

"Fascism" is code for liberalism.

'Cuz we're just doing a Newspeak exercise here, aren't we?

It's perhaps always helpful to remember that multiculturalism has always been a response to white supremacism, created as its antithesis. But then, Jonah's history on these matters, as we've noted, is a bit confused.

Not only is multiculturalism intended to overcome racism, it's the only approach to a multiethnic society that even makes the attempt. And as I've also noted, its critics are very good at pointing out its flaws, none of them are forthcoming about what they'd replace it with.

Because the only thing on the horizon that could replace it is the old system of white supremacy, which always hid under such rubrics as "separate but equal" and the notion that merit is purely an individual matter -- even though the means of testing merit are built around a system of white privilege. It's all part of the "new racism," which has as it founding tenet the idea that multiculturalism has failed.

Obviously, Goldberg enjoys tossing plenty of fresh logs onto that particular bonfire.

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