Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quick caucus report

-- by Dave

Went to my caucus in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood today. I went as a volunteer, helping people in my precinct sign in. I didn't actually vote because I'm actually perfectly neutral and will be happy to vote for either Obama or Clinton.

But our caucus went strongly for Obama, about 4-1. Other caucuses were similar. And checking around with my fellow bloggers, it seems we're seeing very similar results statewide. Goldy reports seeing the same elsewhere in Seattle. On the Eastside, Dan Kirkdorffer reports that the caucus went 4-0 for Obama.

And even out in rural eastern Washington, in Benton County, Jimmy at McCranium reports a 43-17 advantage for Obama. But then, Hillary does not poll well with rural fols, and that may prove to be a factor in the ultimate outcome.

According to Slog, it's looking like Obama has about 67 percent of the delegates.

UPDATE: Edited for correction. in second graf.

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