Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Bloggage at Blog For Our Future

-- by Sara

It's that time again. This is rapidly turning "FLDS 'Till Your Eyes Bleed" theme week. I'm planning to spend another couple days working through my current pile 'o facts, and then (unless something really unique happens) I'm done with the subject for a while.

This week's Our Future piece riffs off of my "Crazy Dangerous" series of a couple months back. It's basically a threat assessment: Does the FLDS have what it takes to become truly dangerous? Several perspicacious commenters have already invoked those pieces and drawn some parallels, so I went ahead and did damn near 5,000 words on the subject today. (The short answer is: Yes. And No.)

I'm a long-form blogger, but that's excessive even for me. If you've got time this evening, go take a look. Be warned, though: this one's chewy, and it takes a while.

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