Friday, August 08, 2008

The New McCain Salute

[Cross-posted at Firedolglake.]

The wingnuts are having lots of fun kicking around an LA marketing company’s dumbass idea for an "Obama salute" (you form an O with both hands). I have no idea why these geniuses thought authoritarian gestures would become a big thing with liberals and progressives, but what the hell. The market will speak on this one, I’d bet.

So all the wingnut bloggers, notably the A-listers like Ole Perfesser and Malkin, are all over this major pressing and campaign-changing story like stink on shit. One can only imagine the scene if anyone actually affiliated with the Obama campaign were behind a dumb idea like this.

I’m sure, however, that this is just jealousy. So in the spirit of political sharing, we dirty fucking trekkies of the left have concocted a similar salute for John McCain:

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