Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sarah Palin tries to lie her way out of 'refudiate' coinage

-- by Dave

Now that it has been immortalized, Sarah Palin wants to pretend on her TLC show that her coinage of 'refudiate' was just an accidental typo:

While in the car, Sarah also talked to Todd about the time she tweeted the word "refudiate." "I pressed an F instead of a P and people freaked out," said Sarah, pointing out that her blunder was the second-most-searched word on Google trends. "Make lemonade out of lemons," said Sarah.

Um ... right. Except, of course, that she made the tweet on July 18:

But as you can see, she actually said 'refudiate' on national TV, on Sean Hannity's Fox show, four days before that, on July 14.

No doubt she will claim that this was just a typo too.

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