Saturday, April 02, 2011

Glenn Beck Describes How He And His Jewish Friends Will All Vouch For Each Other When They Stand Before Jesus

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I was watching Glenn Beck yesterday hosting Daniel Pipes and Christopher Holton as they talked about how leftists are funding Middle Eastern terrorism and the subject turned (as it often does with Beck and the Mideast) apocalyptic:
BECK: I was made fun of by bringing up -- because I don't know. You know, I'm a Christian and I don't know when Jesus is coming back. I have a lot of Jewish friends and I say -- I've made a pact with them. Look, both die, we get up to the pearly gates and the Savior is there and he's like hey, I haven't been to Earth yet. You vouch for me. If he's like, I'm just about ready to go back, I vouch for you.

And I have no idea when -- when he's coming. But it's always kind of a good idea to just prepare. His -- how many -- how many people are Christian here? OK. How many people -- how many people think that a lot of the things -- and I know it's happened a million times. I mean, the apostles were saying, oh, Jesus is going to be right back. He just went to go get a sandwich and stuff.

So, how many people here believe that this feels like a time that you haven't experience in your lifetime? That's a little disturbing.
It left me scratching my head. Now, I'm neither Jewish nor particularly deeply versed in their theology, but I would be awfully surprised if their vision of the afterlife entails meeting Jesus at the Pearly Gates. I checked some online sources for more information, and concluded that this is probably right.

Indeed, most Jews I know, if faced with the above scenario, would be pretty upset that they had backed the wrong horse in the big Messiah sweepstakes, you know?

Not to mention having Glenn Beck vouch for you. That kind of endorsement likely would land you in Gehenom.

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