Thursday, December 16, 2010

McCain says he wants to see 'an uprising' of angry Tea Partiers against omnibus bill

-- by Dave

John McCain went on Sean Hannity's show last night to rail like an aging old crank again, this time against Republicans' pet target of the week: the omnibus spending bill making its way through the lame-duck session of Congress. In the process, he seemed to be calling out the Tea Party troops to action:

McCain: It's a direct repudiation of the voters of last November 2, it is a direct insult, to stick their thumb right in their eye. I was on the phone with the Tea Partiers all over Arizona today. They are enraged. They are outraged. And I want to see an uprising all over this country. The same people that caused the victories, we've got to hold these people to account.

He's actually going to have to hope that none of his newfound Tea Partying friends -- remember, they weren't always so close, back when J.D. Hayworth was making him sweat -- actually heed his call in the way some of them are likely to.

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