Sunday, January 19, 2003

Find out what it means to me

Oops. Someone stepped over the line.

Rice: Race Can Be Factor In College Admissions

Rice's statement came after an article in The Washington Post yesterday in which several White House aides said she had played a crucial role in Bush's deliberations and helped persuade him to publicly oppose Michigan's program. Officials who described her role to The Post noted that it was unusual for her to become such a major factor in an issue that did not involve foreign policy. Their comments had the effect of associating a respected African American adviser to Bush with a decision that has been criticized by many black leaders. Rice reportedly was angry about the article in part because she believed it had been written only because she is black.

Wonder if she has stopped to think why these obvious cretins (one suspects Karl Rove) inside the White House team who put her name out there came to pick her to help them flog this phony story in the first place -- and not merely because of her race. They also obviously thought she would play along. That says a lot about how much they respect her, doesn't it?

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