Monday, January 20, 2003

News from the white homeland


NAACP chief lies about his past

What Dawson didn´t admit was that between 1976 and 1992, he was imprisoned in four states for forgery, falsifying documents for financial gain, and grand theft; only the most recent prison time was in Idaho.

He didn´t admit that he never played for the Oakland Raiders, as he told The Idaho Statesman and others, despite the vanity plate on his red Lincoln Navigator, ORNFL, for “Oakland Raiders, NFL.”

He didn´t admit that he never wore No. 86 for the University of Michigan and didn´t get a bachelor´s degree in business, as he claims. In fact, Wade Dawson never attended the university.

He didn´t admit that he has outstanding tax liens from both the Internal Revenue Service and the Idaho State Tax Commission.


Can anyone tell me why this has to happen in Idaho? Just before the MLK Day observance? I mean, aren't civil-rights advocates there beleaguered enough?

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