Monday, October 24, 2005

Neo-Nazis and the mainstream

Bill White, the neo-Nazi who was chiefly responsible for inciting the riots last week in Toledo, Ohio, is really a classic fascist: that is, he's a man with no real principles except a real devotion to obtaining power.

He's already been all over the map politically. For awhile he was a devoted Marxist (he wrote for Pravda) and then became a libertarian. His politics then swung far rightward and he began promoting neo-Nazism as a leader in the National Socialist Movement.

Whatever route he took, it produced a worm-riddled soul. How else can you describe someone who said this in response to news that the family of a federal judge had been murdered:
"Everyone associated with the Matt Hale trial has deserved assassination for a long time. I don't feel bad that Judge Lefkow's family was murdered today. In fact, when I heard the story, I laughed."

He nonetheless has something of a history of worming his way into mainstream circles. White has made some money in the Beltway by owning and managing slums, but he also claims to have friends in higher circles.

Earlier this year, White touted his mainstream credentials over at his Web site, under a headline, "SPLC Attacks Our Friends At The Washington Times: Homo Jews Demand Coombs, McCain, Others Resign":
This is amusing. First, Stacy McCain is a pretty good friend of mine, Francis Coombs is a big fan of our website, and I've had lunch with his wife at an American Renaissance conference. Stacy, at least, is not anti-Jewish -- they all come from that weird part of the "far right" that buys into race theories but has a weird admiration for Semites. I once suggested to Mrs Coombs that the Washington Times should more virulently criticize the Zionist Entity, and she told me that several Jewish columnists -- Charles Krauthammer, Norman Podhoretz and AM Rosenthal, among others -- had threatened the Moonie organization if they ever took an anti-Zionist stance. Wes Pruden, who is in charge of the Times, however, is an extreme Zionist, and I have cussed him out violently for his extreme pro-Jewish views. People who know him tell me they can't understand his love of the Zionist state.

In any case, the SPLC has been trying to get these guys fired for years now. Stacy, in paticular, wrote a front-page story exposing how the SPLC made up the Y2K militia threat in order to con a multi-million contract out of the Clinton government, and has been on their shit list every since.

Anyways, read on, as the homosexual Jewish lobby rails against some of the few good folk still writing in an American newspaper:]


If they wanted to go after Stacy's FreeRepublic postings, they should have done it in a timely manner (this is all about a year and a half old) -- and just attacked him, since he's a little guy and the bigger guys at the Washington Times are political and not particular brave, and thus always willing to throw the little guy overboard if they think it will save their own asses.]

Given that White is anything but reliable, his remarks nonetheless do raise questions about the associations of people like Robert Stacy McCain and the Coombses. Not to mention, of course, the prominent right-wingers who sit at the Washington Times' tables.

Wonder if there are any Beltway reporters brave enough to ask either McCain or the Coombses if, indeed, they socialize with Bill White.

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