Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Makes Fun Of Apocalypse Warnings -- Because They're Not His

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Glenn Beck actually opened his show yesterday making fun of the people getting ready for today's scheduled Rapture and general apocalypse.

Which at first struck me as a bit odd, considering that Beck has such a penchant for apocalyptic warnings himself. This kind of stuff, in fact, was a staple of Beck's even at CNN. You may remember, for instance, his segment with Pastor John Hagee where they explored whether or not Barack Obama is the antichrist. And when he switched to Fox, it intensified. Indeed, from the very outset of his time at Fox, Beck has been basically the network's Apocalypse Now Hour.

For instance, there was the show where he explored the End of Days with a fundamentalist "scholar" named Joel Rosenberg:

That was followed shortly by the infamous segment on the 'War Room,' where Beck and guests discussed various apocalyptic scenarios for America:

Of course, that one inspired a truly classic response from Stephen Colbert. So maybe it was worth it.

And it has been that way ever since. He's been incessantly warning America to prepare their doom bunkers, buy gold and guns, and get ready for the End, such as in this episode:

More recently, Beck's entire Mideast Caliphate Theory was carefully tailored to neatly merge with the apocalyptic scenarios he discussed with Rosenberg.

The truth is that Beck is in the same line of business as Pastor Harold Camping. They're actually competitors. He's only dissing the Camping camp because they aren't selling Beck's apocalyptic theories.

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